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The 6 Best Personal (Portable) Blenders of 2021

Sometimes you need a small portable blender.

Big kitchen appliances now have smaller versions of themselves to fit small kitchens. Portable blenders are one of them. This kitchen gadget is perfect for making quick on-the-go healthy smoothies or small batches of dips for your special dish.

The best portable blenders are great for making smoothies on the move, whether you’re traveling or just making a quick breakfast. Many of the personal blenders featured are cordless so you can charge them and then put them in your bag.

Others options include corded models, which are lighter than the other portable blenders. Make sure they are pluggable wherever you intend to use them.

Portable blenders are small, cordless and battery-operated blenders that can be used for personal use . They can make smoothies, protein shakes, or even margaritas on the move. A battery-operated blender can be used to blend, chop, whip, whip and grind small amounts of food.

Portable blenders are just as efficient as full-size blenders. However, they offer many innovative features and elements that make them even more useful.

What’s the deal?

Here are some of the many benefits of portable blenders.

Portable Blender Benefits

  • It is simple to use

Rechargeable blenders can be convenient and easy to use. The best ones have accessories that are easy and quick to remove and clean.

They are lightweight and compact, with no tangled cords.

  • Time-saving

You can make your favorite smoothie wherever you are, as long as you charge your personal blender in advance.

Because portable blenders are smaller than regular blenders, their speed is slower. However, this will not matter as you won’t be using it for heavy-duty work or large quantities. So it won’t take too long to make a smoothie.


These are the top 6 best cordless blenders.

Best luxury personal blender overall: Vitamix S30

vitamix 2

Our pick for the best luxury personal blender overall is the Vitamix S30. Let’s see what it can do and what makes it so special.

This blender’s most distinctive feature is its ability to combine the power and versatility a high-performance blender with all the conveniences of a personal blender.

The blender is portable and can be used anywhere, but it also has the power and features to replace a regular blender. This is something that blender manufacturers know about and will include two containers. The 20-ounce container is lighter and more portable. The 40-ounce container is larger and more useful for family meals.

You have full control over the way your blended meals are prepared with variable speed control

You will also find a pulse function that lets you mix coarser chops and smoother ones. There is also a vented lid with 2 parts that lets you blend hot mixtures and let the steam escape.

The 790-watt motor is powerful enough to blend almost any food, and strong enough to make ice cream and soups.

The blender comes with a 5-year warranty. This guarantees that it will last a long time. This blender can blend almost any ingredient.

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

Best personal blender at a reasonable price

ninjapro 1

The Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender can be a powerful, yet small blender.

The blender’s motor is 900 watts. This will allow you to blend almost any food you can imagine.

This much power will allow you to make delicious smoothies or fire purée. Crushing ice is easy and quick.

This blender will not need to “fish out” any harder parts of vegetables or fruits, like seeds.

A pulse feature would be very useful for mixing, as you have enough power to blend almost anything. It’s a great feature that the Ninja Nutri Pro Compact offers.

It is also very easy to clean, as all parts can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

The blender comes with two containers, but they are not very different in size. Both lids come with the sip and seal lids, which allow you to take your smoothies or drinks with you.

This is an extremely useful feature for traveling, and anyone who uses the blender will love it.

Cuisinart CPB-300

cuisinart 1

The 350-watt motor is the first thing that most people notice when they look at the Cuisinart CBP300 online. Although the blender’s power may be less than other models, it still packs a lot of cool features and accessories you will love.

Let’s begin with the controls. The blender’s front has three touchpad buttons. They allow you to control the speed and the pulse function. Each button has its own LED that will let you know when it is active.

The blender also has safety interlock and standby modes.

You’ll also love the six jars and cups that come with this blender.

For really large blending, you get four small 8-ounce chopping cups, four 16-ounce travel cup lids and a 32-ounce blender jar.

The blender’s feet are slip-proof, which is a great advantage if you work on a slippery surface.

The blender’s components can be washed in a dishwasher, making cleaning easy.

This blender is for you if you love mid-range blenders that have lots of features.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

gamilton 1

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is an affordable option for anyone looking for a small, portable blender that can be used for travel.

Budget options often mean that features or power are sacrificed in order to lower the price.

The motor is the first to be downgraded in this instance. This blender’s 175-watt motor isn’t nearly as powerful as those of other blenders on this list.

Although it might not be able to make smoothies, it can still crush ice. Although there are no high- or low-speed settings, the pulse feature is available. However, it is less powerful than the pulse feature found on blenders.

It’s very simple to use, and you can blend everything in one go.

This blender is great for travel because of its small size.

The jar’s compact size makes it smaller than the 16 ounces we have seen. This blender comes with a 14-ounce jar and a lid.

It is easy to clean the blender, as all the parts can be placed and washed in the dishwasher.

This one is for you if you are looking for portability but don’t want to do heavy-duty blending.

Oster BLSTPB-WRS My Blend 250-Watt Blender

oster 1

The Oster BLSTPB – WRS is a budget blender with a sleek design. It is less powerful than the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender and is therefore a little more expensive. Although the price difference is not significant, the Oster BLSTPB–WRS can still been purchased for just 30 dollars.

This blender’s 250-watt motor is definitely more powerful than the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender’s 175-watt motor. This blender is powerful enough for blending frozen fruits and vegetables and crushing frozen ice.

Motor overheating is a possibility with smaller motors. Fortunately, there is a safety feature that will prevent this from happening. This feature is a resettable fuse which will turn off the motor if it heats up. After about 15 minutes, the motor will cool down and you can turn the blender on again.

This blender has a larger jar than normal at 20 ounces. It also features a carry hook to make it easier to transport.

This 20-ounce jar has no BPA and can be washed in a dishwasher.

The device can be used with just one touch.

Unfortunately, there is no pulse function on this blender. This is something that you may want to consider if you are looking for a budget blender.

USB Blender: LOZAYI Portable Blender

usb 1

The cord on all previous models was removed. This model is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged via USB.

You can charge the 4000 mAh battery using any USB device or power socket. The battery will take approximately three hours to fully charge, and one charge should be sufficient for 24 uses. This will depend on the type of blend and how long you use it.

The blender should be kept off the charger. There are also safety features that make it safer than other blenders.

Although a small battery may make it seem less powerful, this blender will still be powerful. This blender is stronger than your average portable blender, and can crush ice cubes.

It will include a manual, a USB cord, and a cup. The 15 ounce capacity cup is more than most portable blenders, and holds approximately 450ml.

The blender can also be cleaned easily in just 20-30 seconds. This blender is a standout product and is unmatched in its portability.

It is extremely affordable at $30, so you have little to no reason to not consider it if your goal is to take your favorite smoothies with you on the go.

What to look for when choosind a portable blender


The wattage of a blender will give you an idea of its power.

Blending soft foods like bananas or peanut butter shouldn’t be a problem if you do.

If you need to blend ice or hard vegetables, you might consider a portable blender that has a higher wattage.

You might find higher wattage blenders noisier if you are traveling in isolated areas or camping with others.


Blenders come in many sizes and shapes, even though it seems obvious.

Although it might seem large at first, you can’t tell until you try the portable blender in your bag or backpack.

These blenders can be carried around, but they are still heavy items when you take into account the luggage capacity. You should consider the additional space.

You don’t want to rush to get the blender in your bag last minute. This could cause damage to your luggage and the blender itself.

Capacity of Cup

Consider how many meals you mix. You might consider purchasing a portable blender at the higher end of the scale if it is too much.

It is important to consider how many people will be using the blender. If you are traveling with more than one person, you will need a bigger cup unless you plan to blend multiple times for each.

Size and Weight

As we’ve already mentioned, it is important that the portable blender you purchase fits into your bag.

Your suitcase will need to contain your blender. It would be considered a prohibited item in your hand luggage because of its blades.

Be sure to account for the blender’s dimensions and weight. Blenders can be difficult to pack so keep it in the box.


Blending soft foods and liquids will not require as much power, so a blender isn’t necessary.

A portable blender with greater power is a good option for frozen foods and hard fruits and vegetables.

Also, it is important to remember that portable blenders are not designed to produce the same power as kitchen-top processors and liquifiers.

It is important to know your expectations before you buy. Before you go on vacation, make sure to test the meals in your blender.


Motors for kitchen blenders with high prices will produce power in the range of 700W.

The motors of portable blenders are less powerful, with some models producing as little as 125 to 150W.

This doesn’t mean that they can’t make the perfect smoothie. You need to try it and establish expectations.

It is important to choose a motor that can handle your ingredients and blends.

Power Source

This is the most important factor. The first decision you will make is whether to buy a corded or battery-operated blender.


You’ll find that there are many places to plug in your blender if you travel to cities and urban areas.

Important to note the voltage. A blender adapter is a great purchase that will ensure the right voltage is being passed through it.

Some countries can have extremely high voltages through their sockets. You must be careful not to overload the blender or cause damage. Sometimes, you might need to purchase a power converter and not an adapter.


Many blenders have their own batteries that can last for a while before they need to recharge or be replaced.

Are portable blenders safe?

First, the blade. When the power is on, you should keep your hands and other body parts away from the blade.
As mentioned above, it is crucial to know the voltage of your socket if your blender is cord-operated.
You should avoid raising the voltage too high as it can cause the blender’s temperature to go up or fry.
You should consider the material of the cup/bottle, especially if you intend to drink from it.

Can I blend hot liquids in my portable blender?

You can add warm liquids to your mix. Mixing boiling or high-heat liquids is not recommended.
They can cause serious damage to the blender’s materials and could even lead to you being scolded.

How do I clean my portable blender?

You can use a self-cleaning blender by adding water or dish soap if necessary. The motor will then run.
If you are using another blender, ensure that the blender is turned off before you remove the cup and blade.
You can clean the cup and blades with a mixture of soap and water. Rinse them.
After the blender has been rinsed, dry it thoroughly using dish towels or paper towels.
You should not clean the blender if the cup, blade or container are still attached.

What price rang on portative blender?

Because they are smaller and less powerful than full-size blenders their prices are lower. A basic blender will give you basic smoothie-making with soft fruits, and should be less than $50.
You can spend as much as $150 to get a high-end model with more accessories, more powerful motors and greater flexibility.

Is a portable blender as good as a full-size model?

A portable blender is not the same as a full-size blender. The majority of portable blenders are quick and simple to use. They have one-button operation and have single-speed motors. These models are as good for smoothies as larger models.
Although they can be made in smaller quantities, travel blenders don’t have as many controls and are not as powerful as full-size models.
Personal blenders are not recommended for hot liquids. The plastic cups used to transport the drink can also be damaged by heat.
A full-size blender is a good choice if you want to be more flexible in what you can make and to have greater control over how it works. As our guide demonstrated, you can also add a travel cup to your blender to provide that convenience of blend-and-go.
It’s clear that portable blenders can dramatically improve the way you eat when traveling.
Some people value control over the way they prepare their food. When traveling, not everyone has the luxury of eating at restaurants.
It doesn’t matter if you are a chef or have dietary restrictions, it is important to know that you can prepare your food from anywhere.
Before purchasing a portable blender, there are many things to consider.
They can be an excellent choice if you are a frequent traveler and like to cook your own meals.

When buying a portable blender with ion batteries, it is important to think about your environment.

A fully charged battery is essential for eating out.

But, camping in rural areas can mean you will need backup batteries. This is something to consider if you are going to be without electricity for a long time.


A portable blender that can be charged via USB is a great option if you are traveling with many devices.

The most powerful portable blenders are those that can be charged via USB, but they offer the greatest convenience.

This could be a great option if you are traveling to a country that has high voltage output from its sockets.

Some people also camp with solar chargers to charge their devices for several days. In this case, a USB-charged blender could be used.

Cups and Accessories

Many portable blenders come with extra or built-in cups. This allows you to blend, then remove the cup and enjoy your drink.

Many accessories will be included with the purchase of a lot, such as blades and pouring funnels.

It is important to ensure that the blender you select can only operate at one setting. Changing accessories constantly will eat up space and take time.

It is important to make sure that the cup holds all the ingredients you intend to mix.

Self-Cleaning Capabilities

It can be hard enough to clean a blender at home. You have the equipment and space to make it easy.

You don’t get that luxury when you travel. It’s not going to be a pleasant experience to sit at a sink in the bathroom trying to clean the blades.

Many blenders are equipped with self-cleaning functions that will make it easier to travel.

If they do not, you will need to think about how to clean the blender without adding extra accessories.