Skinnygirl blender review


I used to struggle to eat healthily and get enough fruits & vegetables in my diet. As you can see, I noticed a change in my weight and my skin became worse. I also had little energy. I realized something had to be done or I would put my health at risk. Unfortunately, the Skinnygirl Blender was … Read more

Can you use a Blender as a Food Processor


Blender as a Food Processor Learn how to use a blender for a similar output as a food processor. The same functions are found in kitchen appliances such as food processors and blenders. They also have different ways of using them. Both machines can be extremely helpful. However, if you only own one machine, the … Read more

Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet Brands


If you’re unsure if you should purchase either the Magic Bullet or Nutribullet blender This article on Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet should aid you in making a decision. Both blenders make healthy shakes, home-made babies food items, sauces and smoothies however, there are some differentiators between the two. Homeland Housewares makes both products. The Magic … Read more

Blenders for baby food


Your baby will have better nutrition and you will save money on the grocery store by making their own food. As a result, the process of discovering their little one’s culinary preferences becomes more hands-on for parents. Is there anything better than watching your baby happily eat a meal you prepared for him? It may … Read more