Wireless blenders-smoothies

Today, even household appliances can work without wires and be charged via USB – for example, blender-smoothie makers. Such a gadget will come in handy for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts and young parents: it can quickly mix a smoothie, cocktail, or baby formula and take the drink with you. Blender-smoothie makers is a multipurpose charging mode portable small juice extractor.

Kitfort KT-3005(Ali)

The Kitfort KT-3005 blender purees vegetables and fruits, as well as chops nuts and ice in just 25 seconds. It is quite productive for a portable device – its power reaches 75 watts, and sharp steel blades make up to 15,000 revolutions per minute.

The capacity of the glass bottle is 430 ml – it is made of environmentally friendly materials and, unlike plastic, can still break, so you should be careful. 

The device is easy to disassemble – this makes it much easier to care for it because you can wash all the parts well.

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The blender has enough charge for 15 shredding cycles, so it’s easy to take it on walks and even on long trips. Plus, this model has a convenient carrying handle on the lid.

Polaris PTB 0109 Cordless

The Polaris PTB 0109 Cordless blender can be taken to the gym, on a walk with your child, or on a picnic. The device allows you to prepare up to 20 smoothies or smoothies on a single charge. For smooth operation, the motor is protected from overheating and from accidental activation.

The power of the device is 50 W and the mixing cup holds 350 ml. The bottle is made of safe health plastic, which does not contain Bisphenol A – you can cook baby food in this dish without fear. 

The magnetic USB cable included in the package is used to charge the device. The light indicator will tell you when it is time to refill the charge level. Also included with the device is a brush for cleaning – a small but useful detail.

You can find two models on sale – one with a black cover and one with a white cover. 


Xiaomi PL-B007W3W

Xiaomi PL-B007W3W will help to prepare delicious and healthy drinks from soft and hard vegetables, berries or fruits. The device is quite powerful – 70 watts, so it quickly and efficiently grinds ingredients for smoothies with a four-blade blade, whose blades are recessed in the body for safety.

A big advantage of the blender is its autonomy – according to the manufacturer, an 1800 mAh battery is enough to prepare up to 7 liters of smoothies without recharging.

The 350 ml bottle is made of durable plastic that is resistant to shocks and falls. Also, this material is environmentally friendly, so you can use the device even for the preparation of infant formulas.

The blender is equipped with a safety system that prevents it from running idle, shuts off if the seal is broken or the flask is disconnected, or if it runs too long to avoid overheating.



The REDMOND RSB-3460 handheld blender is suitable for the quick preparation of ready-to-use blends – sports smoothies, vitamin smoothies, or baby food. 

The power of the blender is 50 watts: this is enough for the sharp stainless steel blades to thoroughly grind the ingredients for a smoothie in 30 seconds. In general, the optimal power of a portable blender for blending soft foods is exactly 50-60 watts. But for harder ingredients, such as ice or nuts, it is better to buy a device with a power of 75 watts or higher. 


In one cycle with this model you can prepare a full portion of a smoothie – a capacious cup allows you to mix 350 ml of drink at a time. The device is convenient to take on the road – it is compact and lightweight (only 200 g), and the battery capacity of 1600 mAh is enough for about 10 cycles of use. The blender is charged with a magnetic USB charging from the mains or car cigarette lighter.

In addition, the device is protected from overheating and overload. Also, you will not be able to turn on the device if the lid is open.


Galaxy Line GL2159 portable wireless blender works on a single charge up to 15 cycles – you can mix smoothies on the go and do not have to worry about the lack of an outlet if you urgently need to prepare a baby formula.

The power of the blender is 45 watts: not much, but you can make a milkshake or smoothie of soft fruits. In one minute, the motor makes about 20,500 revolutions, and the four-blade steel blade thoroughly grinds the ingredients. 



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The 300 ml flask is made of Tritan, a heavy-duty plastic that does not absorb odors does not cloud over time, and does not stain foods. 

On top of the device, there is a blue silicone overlay, which serves for a more comfortable grip of the flask with your hand and generally refreshes the design of the device. There is also a convenient carrying handle on the lid of the blender.

The Galaxy Line GL2159 has a charging indicator, and it takes about two hours to fully recharge the battery.

BP01 Kitjoy

This gadget not only blends soft fruits and vegetables with ease but also chops nuts and ice without any problems. The power of the device is impressive for a portable device 126 W, and in one minute the motor produces 16,500 revolutions.

At one time you will prepare up to 400 ml of drink – this is how much the plastic blender bulb holds. Users note that the battery of the device lasts for a long time – you can mix cocktails up to 15 times without recharging.

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The blender is easy to take with you – it’s lightweight (only 410 g), and there’s an optional lid with a strap for carrying.

The protection system here provides automatic shutdown of the device in case of overheating, as well as a locking power button to prevent accidental pressing.

Xiaomi Bud Portable Juice Cup 

The Xiaomi Bud Portable Juice Cup makes it easy to make smoothies or juice on the go. The power of the device is 35 watts – not much compared to other models in the selection, but the metal knife of the device can easily cope not only with soft but also with hard fruits, such as apples.

The compact and lightweight flask (460 g) is made of wear-resistant plastic and holds 300 ml of drink. It can be used separately from the knife block by closing the lid. The cup is impact-resistant, so you need not worry about it being cracked or broken if you drop it. And the silicone seal on the lid eliminates the possibility that the brewed drink will spill into your bag.

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The device is convenient for traveling because it is not only lightweight but also self-contained: the model is equipped with two 1200 mAh batteries. On one charge you can prepare about 20 glasses, and it takes only 40 seconds to cook one portion. 

From the pluses of the device also note the presence of the charging indicator and protection against accidental switching on.

Kitfort KT-3048

Portable Kitfort KT-3048 has a folding design, making it even easier to take for walks, to the gym, or travel. Dimensions of the device are 85 x 85 x 182 mm, the weight is 430 g, and when folded, the bottle is one-third smaller and takes even less space.

In addition, the glass can be used separately by unscrewing the motor unit from it and putting the cap on: if you go for a walk, you can make a smoothie at home and take with you only the flask itself.

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Despite the low power of the device, which is 24 watts, it mixes drinks in just 40 seconds, and sharp steel blades turn products into a puree, making up to 14,200 revolutions per minute. The battery of the device will last 6-12 cycles, but keep in mind: the autonomy depends on the hardness of the food, as harder foods take longer to grind and blend.

As for safety, the device protects against accidental activation, so you can not be afraid that some other object in your backpack will accidentally press the button and start the blender.


1. Kitfort KT-300575 w14.5 fl oz1200 mAh1.4 lbs
2. BP01 Kitjoy126 w13.5 fl ozN/a1.1 lbs
3. Polaris PTB 0109 Cordless50 w12 fl oz800 mAh1.2 lbs
4. Xiaomi PL-B007W3W70 w12 fl oz1800 mAh1.1 lbs
5. REDMOND RSB-346050 w12 fl oz1600 mAh0,44 lbs
6. GALAXY LINE GL215945 w10 fl oz1400 mAh0,9 lbs
7. Xiaomi Bud Portable Juice Cup35 w10 fl oz2× 1200 mAh1 lbs
8. Kitfort КТ-304824 w10 fl oz2000 mAh0,9 lbs